Why you need custom business management software
for your business?

Since two businesses are not perfectly same. So, there is no any pre-built software that perfectly suits for your business. The software solution that works for others may not work as effectively for your business.

Instead of changing the business practices that are already streamlined, it makes perfect sense for a business to go for made custom software. Custom software development allows you to build software as per the unique requirements of your business.

Usually, custom Software Development provides you unique software based on your requirement and business activity. There are many advantages of using custom software programs within an Organization or Business.

Built Based on Your Requirements

Developing custom software is bespoke, which means the applications and programs will be entirely tailor-made for your business. Custom software easy to use and can be deployed throughout your entire organization.

Easy to Use

Since custom software is made according to your requirement. So, it is much easier to use. It does not have unnecessary options like pre-built software.

Custom Software Development Process

At the start, you will determine the specific requirements needed for your business processes. Then we will give you a detailed concept about your software. If all goes well we will make schedule your project. Then our expert team starts to Designee and development your software. After complete development process our testing unit test it. If software passed in testing.
We will deploy it on serve and deliver it to you.

Better customer service

The ability to access customer information quickly and easily is vital for maintaining good relationships, integrating custom software will enable you to assist customers more effectively.

Custom Software Are More Secure

Custom software applications are more secure than ready-made software. Keep in mind that a big number of hacking activities are targeted at commonly-used software.

Less Manpower

It usually takes a lot of manpower and time to maintain the accounting activities, stock and other of a business. 60% manpower can be reduced by using a custom software.


Businesses constantly grow; that’s the whole point of starting them in the first place. Off-the-shelf software may not be able to handle the heavy load while custom software is developed with all the changes in mind. Custom software evolves as the company grows.

Streamlining Business Process and Methodologies

Custom software is capable of creating highly streamlined process for your business, especially If it is operating form anywhere. Custom software connects your business branches. Facilitates the exchange of real-time information between branches and head office.
Despite the primary expense, a custom software solution is a worthy investment if, you are willing to grow a business of purposeful scale. Building your own specifically tailored software to cater to your business needs helps in finding the real difference between availing a commoditized service.


A custom software can make your business more dynamic. You can monitor your business from anywhere in the world by placing your software on a server. If you need any business reports you can generate by some click. Custom Software is known for its salient attribute which is automation.

We create custom software for your business in affordable price. Feel free to contact us for your query.

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W3 SOFTs is a software development company in Bangladesh. We providing all kinds of web-based software and application solutions. We have highly skilled developers with excellent technical knowledge. W3 SOFTs focused on Web Development, Web Application Development, Business Software Development.

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How much time will it take for you to make my app?

To give you a precise answer we must prepare a project scope and create a budget. Then we can tell you how long it will take to make.

How much do you charge?

It depends on many things: project scope, time spent on the project and technological issues. We know it sounds vague but its simply honest. Remember that each software project is different, especially if you had a particularly original idea. We do not want to give you an unrealistic estimate, instead, we want to provide you with the best quality possible within your budget.

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